We don't use cover letters

- we use  Skills-Based  Hiring


Please spend 10 seconds on the demo-job below, working as a "IT Project Manager".

Based on 8 questions we will calculate your fit for this role.

You get the result when you answered all questions.

Whether you are a senior executive or this is your first job, all job responsibilities and skills can be described through a scorecard. Based on the applicants answers, we can calculate how well he/she matches a certain job.

We typically base our calculations on 20-45 qualification points. This process replace the written Cover Letter and makes it easier for all parties to evaluate if the applicant matches the role or not.

Want to track the inflow of matching candidates?

All our customers get access to our free online portal, monitoring each job, allowing them to track number of applicants, number of qualified candidates, average salary demand etc.

You can learn more about the portal by selecting 'PORTAL' in the menu bar.