How it works

The delivery:

We want you to make an optimal hire, be an attractive employer and at the same time stay cost-efficient and nimble. This is why we created a "scorecard engine", a software-platform that can measure applicant responses and calculate fit. We call it "quantifying talent".


Our offering has two main objectives:


1) Help you effciently pinpoint the right candidates for the job, without spending time on irrelevant applicants.


2) Make it easy for job-seekers to apply! We dont want to miss out potential stellar candidates, that likely already have a job, but are too busy to overcome the burden of writing cover letters and resumes, spending time on introductory meetings etc.


By setting up a digital scorecard of 20-45 measurable points, we can calculate how close the individual applicant is to an ideal score. The score, the answers and the CV, will give us a good picture of, who will be ideal candidates for the job. This cannot replace your personal interview with candidates, and the test of 'human chemistry', but we can pinpoint the few ideal candidates out of potentially 1000's of applicants, allowing you to spend your time on relevant candidates only.

All irrelevant applicants, and candidates not selected, will automatically receive a rejection message, you dont need to worry about that either.


How much time do I spend on setting it up?

You need to invest about 1 hour in a Skype interview with one of our consultants. During the interview we will ask you questions about your company, the job, specific required skills, educational background, experience, relevant career background etc.

We will then generate the digital scorecard, which you will approve before we start. Upon approval, we will send you an unique link (URL) to our servers, that you need to put in your job-ad. That's it!


How can I track what is going on?

Finding matching candidates takes days, sometimes weeks. You can always track our work from our online Customer Portal (pls. click). For a single job, we are typically looking for 10-15 qualified candidates, having enough candidates for you to choose from. Once a week, we will forward candidates that we qualified, accompanied by their responses and CV.