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Java Developers:

ReCo Group works with some of the leading consultancy companies in Norway and offer an unique opportunity to get to work with some of the most attractive companies with prestigious projects in the Oslo area. Our customers experience strong growth and seek experienced Java Developers and Architects, who wish to influence the digital landscape, with their expertise and experience.

We have both fixed- and project based positions available, from 6 months or more.


About our customers:

Several Norwegian IT consultancy companies within technology and digitalization with 50 to more than 1,000 passionate employees, who share a common vision for changing, renewing and improving the society we live in, by programming and delivering smart IT solutions. The customers help organizations challenge the status quo, creating meaningful and scalable differentiation through technology and design. 

The development teams work with a wide range of flexible projects:
You can help program their digital public-sector strategy, build new platform for Norwegian aviation services, transform Norwegian car industry into a mobility company, or help Norwegian environmentally-friendly power producers with real-time systems, to deliver power to the entire Nordic region.


Examples of projects they are working on:

  • Scalable MicroService architectures based on well-known Java technologies
  • Large scale and distributed integration systems with Big Data using technologies such as Apache Camel, Kafka, Hadoop and Elastic Search
  • Cloud services based on AWS Lambda and other serverless architectures
  • Machine Learning for intelligent travel and route planners
  • Mobile applications, including Android and iOS for customers in energy, transportation, resellers and travel
  • Functional programming languages ​​like Scala and Clojure for heavy data processing tasks
  • Java programming and relevant framework for IoC, ORM, build and deploy

Required experience:

  • Extensive hands-on development with a wide range of Java technologies
  • A genuine curiosity and a heart for system development
  • In-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming including knowledge of patterns, integration, APIs, refactoring, Clean Code, SOLID
  • Experience and opinions about working in flexible development projects with techniques like Continuous Integration, TDD and DevOps
  • Being aware of your own technical expertise and interest in sharing knowledge, assisting and collaborating with developers at all levels of experience


Great opportunities for you:

We provide a relevant and community-driven technology environment centered on learning, sharing and development with close follow-up and frequent feedback. 
Everyone in the company shares a common profit and has competitive terms. 
You attend conferences, courses, workshops and buy the books you want to read. 
Our large network of consultants provides a supportive professional environment to get started with your projects, as well as the ability to develop professionally and personally.

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